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Meet your team!

With diverse qualifications and coaching experiences, our team is designed to have the expertise to support you, you no matter the goal

Strength training is our passion and we pride ourselves

on what we offer, both through our physical space and how we coach each and every person we come into

contact with.

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Owner of TSS, Schae's main goal and calling is to make

powerlifting and strength training more accessible for all!

After discovering the sport at 21 after years of exercise being

rooted in weight-loss, Schae understands just how much of 

a catalyst lifting can be for creating healthier approaches

in all areas of life. 

With over 7 years of coaching experience, she has worked 

with nearly every demographic at this point in her career.

With a focus on education and empowerment, Schae is a

go-to coach in Canberra when it comes to long-term results,

all whilst prioritising fun along the way!


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With over 10 years experience, Tom is one of the most sought

after powerlifting coaches in Canberra! 

Tom has become known for having a heavy emphasis on building

a strong foundation of technique from the beginning. A 

perfectionist at heart when it comes to movement, he will always 

go to extra mile to educate and support his clients through all

stages of their lifting career. 

With a quick wit and supportive nature, Tom is the perfect coach

for you if you are wanting extra guidance with a no-nonsense 



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Ath has become well known at TSS for providing all the 

real-talk, paired with the most infectious and caring


She provides a calm nature to the team and is the first

person people are drawn to when they're new to the space, 

which says a lot!

Ath specialises in working with complete beginners

and will help you feel confident with new movements in no

time at all - a testament to her incredible listening and 

communication skills!


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Alex was born to be a strength coach! With an incredibly

bubbly nature, ​Alex helps break down the many barriers to

strength training, day in and day out, in a safe and empowering environment!


From beginners with little or no experience, to athletes wanting

to take their performance to the next level and demolish their

next meet, he offers it all and prides himself on his commitment

to evidence-based practises.

He brings a lot of compassion to his sessions with clients and

whilst he wishes for all his clients to tick off their goals, he

understands the need for flexibility in the process.


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Our go-to coach when it comes to injuries and rehabilitation, 

Erin uses her degree as an Exercise Physiologist to help you

reach or get back to your best self under the barbell!

After many reconstructive knee surgeries, Erin sought out lifting

to aid in her own recovery. She then realised how incredible

of a tool it was, but also acknowledged the lack of support

from health-professionals in prioritising strength training. 

She offers an evidence based approach to rehabilitation 

and also one that elevates both physical and mental

well-being. Erin is the coach you want in your corner when

dealing with any type of setback.


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The newest member to our team, Will joins us with an incredible

passion for powerlifting and strength training. 

As an incredible athlete himself, Will comes to the party with an 

in-depth of understanding on what it means to be your best 

in the gym and on the platform. He uses his personal experiences

to connect and understand his clients when coaching. 

Will is an absolute asset to the team and will be for many years 

with further education and experience under his belt. 


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