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Our annual charity tandem deadlift get together is just weeks away and is our most important event of the year for the #TSSTeam.

On the 11th of December we will be coming together again and this year we are coming closer to home, supporting Cranleigh specialist school. Cranleigh is one of two schools in the ACT that cater for children of varied abilities and needs, with every classroom tailored to meet the needs of the special kids inside of it. They not only educate their students and ensure they feel cared for, they become an important part of that child's family; which is exactly what we saw with one of our members, Caitlan, and her son, Kai.

In June this year Caitlan lost her son at just 12 years of age. Kai was diagnosed with MECP2, a duplication syndrome, early on in his life which presented a set of challenges, not only for Kai, but his entire family. Cranleigh school were instrumental in Kai's life and support of the family and we want to give back to the incredible staff members and school itself for being Kai's second favourite place (home was his first).


In Caitlans words...

"Kai was the poster boy for resilience. He was always so gentle and patient with everybody. He would communicate with you as best he could by taking your hand and pointing to what he wanted. He loved books, lego and the wiggles. One book was never enough, there was often lego trailed from one end of the hallway to the other and would drop everything to dance if the wiggles came on. He was so cheeky, he knew how to get attention when he needed it and shared an infectious giggle for the effort. It was impossible to get cranky at him for making mess, turning the light switch on and off while you were watching a movie or if he asked for yoghurt for the 10th time that morning."


ALL proceeds will be donated and we ask that anyone attending please dress in colours of the Wiggles, as it was Kai's favourite show.

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